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The 5 Whys is a problem-solving activity that generally makes it possible to get to the source of a problem by repeatedly asking yourself ‘Why?’ Participants can think about the root causes together instead of accepting the symptoms.

Suggestions and variations

The 5 Whys is a Lean principle: you need to choose a path and create the corrective measures required to solve the problem. So it’s normal to have to choose a single path from among all the possible options and stick with it to the end.

After identifying the primary cause of the problem and the corrective actions, you must send the meeting notes to all the teams and divide up the responsibilities among all those concerned in order to solve it.

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Author Beekast Beekast

Promote collective intelligence during your meetings, lead participatory workshops or add some energy to your meetings, drawing inspiration from Beekast’s activity templates.

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30 to 60 min
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Get to the root of a problem.
Work together to find the underlying cause of a problem in order to provide an effective solution.
Author Beekast Beekast