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Drop Add Keep Improve (DAKI)

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Teamwork can continuously improve by asking two simple questions: ‘what worked well that we don’t want to forget’ and ‘what do we need to do differently?’

This way, each participant addresses these different questions to produce a list of possible improvements that they can transform into a directly applicable action plan.

Suggestions and variations

Ideally, you’d run through an icebreaker activity to get people talking.

It’s important for the exploration phase to be done in silence to avoid any influence from the group.

If continuous improvement activities are habitual for you (for example, in project retrospectives, post mortem’s, etc.), take time before the activity to revisit the action plan from the previous session.

The DAKI activity allows you to adopt a continuous improvement initiative in the team. You can change things up with other similar activities:

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Make choices for the future, adopt a continuous improvement approach.
Improve your work processes by taking a step back.
Author Beekast Beekast