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Hot Air Balloon

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The hot air balloon is a fun activity to facilitate a forward planning brainstorming session: team members are admiring the magnificent landscape unfolding beneath their feet, when suddenly a cliff appears on the horizon! Everyone has to react quickly: which weights should be dropped first? Which burners should be activated to gain height? In short, how can the team have the best possible trip ?

Suggestions and variations

The hot air balloon activity can also be used as part of continuing improvement work on your processes: 

The group, which is represented by the balloon, talks about the strengths that push it (the wind) and the weaknesses that slow it down (the weights) from reaching its objectives.

Be sure to try out the other visual brainstorming activities in Beekast to add variety to your sessions and avoid fatigue among your participants.

Check out the speedboat activity. It’s a good way to formulate a team's objectives and identify risks. Or use the rocket to discuss the methods to be implemented.

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30 to 60 min
2 to 50
Forward planning while keeping an eye on the past
An excellent way of getting the team to see their recent work as part of an overall project and not as an isolated task
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