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I know! I wonder...

> Initiate communication

The "I know! I wonder..." activity is designed to create an environment conducive to collaborative learning. Participants can take stock of a subject to see what they have already learned and what they still have questions about.

Suggestions and variations

Use the "I know! I wonder..." activity at the beginning and end of a training session to measure changes in participants' knowledge and questions.

For virtual meetings, adapt the activity using online tools that allow simultaneous collaboration on the boards.

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Author Beekast Beekast

Promote collective intelligence during your meetings, lead participatory workshops or add some energy to your meetings, drawing inspiration from Beekast’s activity templates.

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5 to 30 min
30 to 50
Identify participants' knowledge and questions on a specific subject.
Deepen collective understanding and target areas for exploration.
Author Beekast Beekast