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Brainstorming lets you collect the maximum number of ideas on a given topic. It’s often used during the creativity phase to get ideas for improvement or to problem solve as a group in order to retain the best ideas from each person.

Suggestions and variations

For effective brainstorming, you need an appropriate group size: not too big, not too small. Ideally, you’d have 4 to 6 people, or a maximum of 10. You can create sub-groups and assign each of them to a Board. A representative can present the summary to the others.

If some participants tend to dominate the group, it’s best to hold your session round by round, so that everyone has a chance to speak. You can select this option in the Beekast Board. Your participants will then produce their ideas on a notepad and can send them when it’s their turn to talk.

There are all kinds of variations inspired by Brainstorming, such as Brainwriting, Six thinking hats, Speedboat and more, that you can discover in our inspirations.

Your participants will be able to spontaneously volunteer all the ideas they want in real-time.

The host makes sure that the creative process doesn’t slow down and steers things back on track if people stray too far from the initial question.

When this phase is done, your Board should be filled with tons of ideas.

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