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Each participant starts by writing 3 ideas about the given issue on different Boards. After 5 minutes, everyone switches boards and contributes by picking up on ideas already put forward by others. A group of 6 participants can generate 108 ideas in just 30 minutes! This activity is also known as the 6-3-5 method.

Suggestions and variations

When choosing ideas, try not to dismiss the wildest ones. At this stage, they’re just the seeds of an idea, they’ll improve with some work later on

It’s important that no discussion takes place in steps 2 and 3

It’s important that participants draw inspiration from the existing ideas for expressing new ones.

About the author

Author Beekast Beekast

Promote collective intelligence during your meetings, lead participatory workshops or add some energy to your meetings, drawing inspiration from Beekast’s activity templates.

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5 to 30 min
Less than 10
Generate the most ideas in the shortest time.
This variation on brainstorming allows participants to build on other people’s ideas to suggest new ones without speaking – which is great for shyer participants.
Author Beekast Beekast