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3 Horizons

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The 3 horizons, as defined by Geoffrey Moore, correspond to the 3 strategic issues that the entire company must now face.

Indeed, companies are locked in a daily market struggle to keep degrowth at bay. 

They also need to look a few years ahead and find ways of accessing new markets. To do so, they must invest by harnessing their strengths to generate tomorrow’s revenues.

Finally, they have to face the risk of disruption to their own products and services in the long term. They have to reinvent themselves and imagine a different future.

These are the 3 horizons the participants will discuss, whilst together seeking strategic solutions.

Suggestions and variations

Ideally, you’d run through an icebreaker activity to get people talking.

You could also complete a SWOT matrix beforehand, in order to fully consider the context before defining a new strategy.

If you end up with a multitude of innovative ideas, even after voting, consider using the Impact-Feasibility Matrix for a logical way to prioritise the best ones. That said, we recommend doing this by individual horizon, as ideas from horizon 3 will almost always be considerably less feasible than those from horizon 1!

On the other hand, if too few ideas surface in horizons 2 and 3, the Innovation Matrix may help participants with brainstorming.

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Set a new course for the company’s strategy in the digital age.
The 3 horizons method is an excellent strategic tool for both managing the present and strengthening the future. It’s an absolute must in the digital age!
Author Beekast Beekast