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The SWOT matrix is a strategic analysis tool for generating a global vision of a product, service or even team. It allows the group to share a common vision before committing to a project or action plan.

Suggestions and variations

This is a creative SWOT method, which we believe is the best way to define a strategy relying on collective intelligence. But you can, of course, stick with a more traditional SWOT by:

Using the Board as explained in Steps 1 to 2 and 4 to 5.
Using a Matrix activity that you fill in with the help of participants in real-time or that you prepare ahead of time if you simply want them to participate in the evaluation.

This SWOT activity can be used for more than just the company’s strategic topics. It can be useful for other goals too: launching a new product, opening a new site, diving into a new business development segment, resolving a social conflict or creating a partnership.

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60 min and more
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Analyse the situation of a product, team or service in order to define a strategy.
Work together to develop an internal and external diagnosis in order to agree on new means of innovation and to anticipate future actions.
Author Beekast Beekast