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Blast off on a rocket with your team for a journey into the unknown. Your first mission is to decide on your destination, your north star. The next step is to set up the strategy and the angle of attack to achieve this objective. Remember to take an inventory of the available tools and possibly the stabilisers and obstacles that will come into play.

Suggestions and variations

During the summary activity, you can note down answers to the questions in the discussion area using a Board activity or record them on a Beekast slide.

The rocket format can also be used as part of continuing improvement work on your processes (using a retrospective model): 

The group, which is represented by the rocket, talks about the strengths that propel it (the rocket engines) and the weaknesses that slow it down (gravity) from reaching its objectives (the moon).

Be sure to try out the other visual brainstorming activities in Beekast to add variety to your sessions and avoid fatigue among your participants.

Check out the speedboat format. It’s a good way to formulate a team’s objectives and identify risks. Or use the hot air balloon format to highlight what must be jettisoned to move forward.

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Plan a project
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