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Secret Story

> Initiate communication

Each participant writes a story about something true that happened to them. Participants will then try to guess who experienced each of these stories, learning something unexpected about each person and breaking the ice so the meeting can start strong. This activity works well with a group of participants who’ve never met or who don’t know one another very well.

Suggestions and variations

The facilitator can participate too, injecting some silliness into the activity with their example – while sticking to the truth of course – so the group can loosen up.

About the author

Author Beekast Beekast

Promote collective intelligence during your meetings, lead participatory workshops or add some energy to your meetings, drawing inspiration from Beekast’s activity templates.

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5 to 30 min
Less than 10
Startoff a meeting on a light note and get to know one another a little differently.
This guessing game will have everyone rediscovering their inner child! It’s a chance to learn about others in an unexpected way.
Author Beekast Beekast